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Land of the Free?!

“… y’all mad when a cop kills a Black person but not mad when a Black person kills another Black person?”



Every time a Black person is murdered by a police officer (someone who is paid and “trusted” to protect and serve) I see some ridiculous/ignorant statements like the one above … as if we’ve been living under a rock.
A Black person dying in our community is ALWAYS unfortunate and there are many organizations in our communities that work towards preventing violence and empowering/inspiring young people to change what our communities look like.
**We would know that with a simple Google search. 
Now, some of or even most of our anger stems from … if Rasheed murdered Khalil or Alexis he’d more than like be sentenced to 25 to life without the possibility of parole BUT we’ve all experienced being spit on by our justice system when officers who murder Black people go on desk duty or paid leave … making more than what they made when actively policing [Zimmerman included].
In this country, painted as the “land of free”, Black people are being murder for any IMAGINARY crime conceived in the brain of racist [or even self hating] police officers. This has been happening since slavery was abolished … i.e. Mississippi Black Codes, Jim Crow era, KKK, etc.
If you’re constantly demeaning Black people for expressing their anger and discontent for this system … you’re being willfully ignorant. Instead of fighting against and shaming Black people, fight this oppressive system. HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF … & you’ve been helping push this perpetual institution that which is irreparably flawed.

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